Our Shipping Policy & Guarantee


We guarantee you will receive the product you ordered, and as described on our website! :)

Products are shipped USPS, unless you choose to upgrade most likely will ship First Class. If your product hasn't arrived within 4 days, we will contact USPS and try to figure out what happened. If they can't give us an answer within 24 hours, we will either ship you a replacement or refund your order depending on our stock. Most of the time, you will receive the product eventually, and we just ask you please re-pay for the product, or send it back to us, when and if you do receive it at a later date.

In extremely rare cases, the tracking is scanned as delivered and we are told by the customer they never received it. We NEVER assume the customer is providing false information, however, we do have to investigate more due to most the time, the postal worker put it somewhere they don't normally put the package. Or, they just scan it as delivered, and put it back in the truck intending on delivering it the next day (this happens in low populated areas mostly where everybody knows everyone). So if that happens, we do have to wait for the post office to talk to the postal worker, which could take a few more days.

In the end though, you will receive your product! Lost in the mail? Okay, we will send you another one or refund. Never worry about losing your money or not getting the product you ordered.